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To get a estimate or schedule an appointment for a Trashout representative to come out and quote the job, please CLICK ON "GET A QUOTE" and fill in the necessary information. We look forward to serving you!
Residential Junk Removal is our specialty! We are here to support you in the removal of any unwanted items. LSC AND PARTNERS offers same day service with no hidden fees, we show up, offer competitive pricing, and professional service. In addition, we recycle and donate materials whenever possible in an effort to minimize waste generation and keep trash out of our landfills.

Appliances are a common item that people wish to discard. Often times, people do not know what to do with their old appliances (refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, ovens, washers, dryers, water heaters, AC units etc…) when they breakdown. Don’t let your old appliances take up space in your garages. Call LSC AND PARTNERS to remove and properly recycle old appliances!

Furniture is another common item that takes up space. Old couches are large and hard to transport. Let us come and pickup your old couches, chairs, tables, beds, mattresses, dressers, shelves. We can help you remove it from your house or just grab it from your garage.

Do you have trash that needs to be removed? We can pick up just about anything. We clean out houses, garages, storage units, sheds, basements, apartments, backyards, foreclosed homes, and much more. If it fits in our trucks or trailers, we can haul it away!
Construction Debris Removal is a LSC AND PARTNERS  specialty. We remove construction and demolition debris. We can handle all types of construction debris such as sheet rock, wood, tile, carpet, concrete, roofing etc. LSC AND PARTNERS has worked with construction companies and homeowners alike to service their construction debris removal needs.

LSC AND PARTNERS has been able to help our customers on both large and small jobs. It is often too costly, time consuming, inconvenient or just not enough space to get a roll off dumpster. Let us handle the hauling; we will perform all the loading, hauling and disposal to make your life easier. We can also provide special pricing structures for construction companies in exchange for regular business.

Do you have outdoor items that need to be removed? We specialize in removal of dirt, fencing, hot tubs, sheds, above ground pools, and much more. Let LSC AND PARTNERS help you clean up your backyard!
We have worked with many large commercial companies/organizations including: Property management firms, real estate professionals, and contracting companies.

What we remove:
LSC AND PARTNERS can remove just about anything except for hazardous materials. We can remove everything from residential debris (such as furniture, clothing, and general trash) to construction debris (such as drywall, wood, concrete and flooring). We offer a great deal of flexibility and we always dispose of material in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner.

How to Schedule:
We can typically schedule same day or next day service. In addition, LSC AND PARTNERS can schedule service days, weeks or even months in advance to meet our customer’s needs.

Areas we cover:
LSC AND PARTNERS covers most of West and Central Florida. We work in commercial downtown high rises, apartment buildings, as well as many other commercial buildings and properties in Florida. LSC AND PARTNERS can often reach difficult to access commercial areas such as parking garages and alleys were large roll off dumpsters are not practical due to our low riding trailers and the ability to detach our trailers from our pickup trucks if necessary to reach tight spaces.

LSC AND PARTNERS provides Store to Door Delivery
 Service (and installation if needed) for most of West and Central Florida

This is a new service that we have recently started. Because of so many requests, we have added it to our services.

Advantages of using LSC AND PARTNERS for your West and Central Florida Delivery Service.

  • Low cost delivery
  • Easy scheduling
  • Removal of unwanted items
  • Disposal of packaging (box trash)
  • Brought in the home (not dropped off in the garage)

Call Today to schedule delivery 813-509-9336..

This is a new service that we have recently started. Because of so many requests, 

Call Today to schedule delivery 813-509-9336..
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